Properly Package Entries

Standard entries, must be packaged in a ULINE bag 13x18” 6 mil clear plastic reclosable bag, item #S-1668 on, with a piece of 12x17” chipboard inside the bag. Using one of the printed entry forms, cut off the entry form portion and place the entry form into the back side of bag (behind the chipboard), copy side facing outward. Cut out the individual entry identification tags. Place an ID tag on the front of the entry bag in the upper left corner. Attach another tag on the back of your entry. For entries with multiple pieces, indicate “1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3” on the entry ID tags for each piece. Keep entries with multiple pieces in the same entry bag. If you need additional ID tags, print additional copies of the entry form, and cut the tags from that form.

Bags and chipboard are available free to all entrants.

They can be picked up at ArachnidWorks, Frederick, MD 21704.

For oversized entries, please roll-up and place inside a mailing tube, and place mailing tube inside the 13x18” ULINE bag. Place one ID tag on the front of the bag, one ID tag on the outside of the tube, and one on the back of the entry itself.

For 3-dimensional/packaging entries that do not fit in the bag, please submit your entry in a cardboard box, with one entry ID tag attached to the physical entry, and one entry ID tag attached to the outside of the box. In addition, please submit a photographic representation of your entry inside the tagged entry bag, as stated above. The photographic representation should also have an entry ID tag attached to the back.

For web sites, audio entries, and multimedia DVDs, entry submission in these categories may be made entirely online, including submission of creative assets either via digital file uploads or submission of URLs for judging (carefully follow the submission instructions during the online entry process). Completion of the entry process FOR THESE CATEGORIES ONLY requires only the online portion of the process—no physical work samples or entry forms are required for submission. However, for ALL OTHER CATEGORIES, a physical entry form and physical samples of the creative work suitable for judging must be submitted as part of the entry.